Monthly Archives: October 2011

The only constant in life…

(from Oct 23 2011) First night at the new place last night. I slept for all of about 2 hours total. The noise (i realize we’re not in NYC or anything) was ridiculous. I don’t think that regular street noise used to wake me up so much.  Maybe it’s just my being a troubled sleeper, […]

Crappy Parents

So my boyfriend gets court papers served to him today at school. Any time uniformed officials with badges show up and ask for someone by name is scary enough. When it’s your kid’s mom trying to have the court take away the ONE NIGHT you get with your 5 year old son each week, it […]


I think of all of the necessary evils in life, moving and any having to do with the DMV have got to be my least favorite ones to deal with. Corey and I received our 60 days’ notice to move out of our current place on Aug. 26, 2011 (the day the ownership was officially […]