Monthly Archives: November 2011

My boring life

I saw my shrink today, as I have every month for…a long time. Now that I’m nearing the age of 28, not 18, and knock-on-wood, life is going along remarkably smoothly, we haven’t had much to talk about. Our last several monthly conversations have followed this progression, approximately: So, how is work? It’s…fine. You know, […]

If I ever have time for DIY again…

I wish I had more time, space, and money for projects. I enjoy my clean, mostly-organized apartment, with its clean carpets, I do miss my old garage and being able to play with paint, gesso, handsaws, a Dremel tool, heat gun, 2-part resin mixtures, mini blowtorch, glass cutter and soldering iron. I actually have a […]

Wants and Needs

I think the holiday consumerism frenzy is hitting hard this year.  I recently found out about a site called, which basically allows users to build virtual bulletin boards of web material that they like. Today, I found out about Food because of a Chicken Teriyaki recipe someone shared on Pinterest: I found the next […]

This week’s CSA box

I just recently signed up for a bi-weekly delivery of produce from Farm Fresh to You, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). They deliver organic, locally-grown, seasonal produce to your doorstep (well, to the office in my case). Since I always need help eating healthfully, I figured this would probably be a good way to do it. Since […]

You know that feeling?

Ever since I moved into the new apartment three weeks ago, I’ve had this eerie sense of impending doom. Not about the actual building or space, or even necessarily the “home” piece of my life, but I swear, the feeling started as soon as we moved in. There’s nothing wrong with the place – the […]

Necessary Evils

So, I know that we all whine about Facebook and the drama it can create. Remember when our real-time conversations didn’t include discussions about who posted what about who and what she said in her comment, or when so-and-so tagged so-and-so and in their picture at that bar? Amazingly, it wasn’t that long ago. But, […]


Echoes of voices I haven’t heard in so long… I had hoped it wouldn’t get this far, but I can’t really say I didn’t know all along what to expect. I hate this part of it…I’m not used to it anymore. I’m not used to the endless rambling, the detachment that seems tangible even over […]