Positivity: who’d have thought?

Somehow, I have managed to create a routine for myself that reaffirms itself and the positive impact it has on my life without even really meaning to. I’m tired of hating my body because I’ve gained weight, and I’m tired of thinking about how much better my life was 5 years ago. I realized that spending my life thinking and talking about how much I hate my job and how much better my last one was only making it worse for me.

So, I decided that, dammit, I WILL enjoy every minute that I am not at work. I will ride my horse in the evening because it’s nice out, I enjoy it, and I pay all this money for her anyway. I will set goals, like “run a 5k” (I never ran until I will eat bananas and yogurt for breakfast instead of the office doughnuts, because I want to continue with the forward momentum.

In the past month or so, I’ve gone to several of the local open space preserves near me to hike/run. The first hike/run I tried was the Serpentine Loop at Edgewood Park in Redwood City, then I did “The Dish” at Stanford a few times. I really like the trails, I think it reminds me of being a kid. Someone recently pointed out to me that the awesome thing about running is that every time you do it, you become better. Which is totally true and REALLY what I need right now.

The tippy-top of Windy Hill in Portola Valley – 3+ miles up!

“The Dish” from the Alpine Rd. entrance

Edgewood Park, Serpentine Loop

I even ran a 5k in Saratoga with my sister. And, I have to admit – one of the best things about running that 5k was the medal!

Trailquake 2012!

I have to keep reminding myself – forward momentum. Just keep going. Even if it’s at a slow pace, keep moving forward and stay in progress.


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