Hike and 4th of July Fun Run

July 3rd – Windy Hill Hike

So…on Tuesday, 7/3, I decided that my boyfriend should go on a hike with me. He has, unfortunately, been scheduled to work during most of my recent exercise craze, but Tuesday evening, we were both free. I decided we should do a 5.5-6m hike at Windy Hill in Portola Valley. After parking on Alpine Road, we entered the preserve and started at the Hamms Gulch Trail. After hiking up the hill (nearly 3 miles), I had the brilliant idea of turning left, instead of right, onto Lost trail, so we could follow it to Razorback, which would lead back to the car.

Yeah….not so much quicker. By the time we were done, it was dark and I was a little nervous about mountain lions. My final GPS mileage was 8.05 miles!

July 4th – Redwood City 5k Parade Run

This was awesome — my first 5k road race was SO much more relaxed than my first 5k trail race. I surprised myself by finishing in 31:48!


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