8 Weeks

Today marks 8 weeks since Riley’s fall out of our 3rd story window. I am incredibly relieved that Riley has, so far, made steady progress and continues on this road to recovery.

A little over a week ago, Riley had x-rays taken of both surgery sites to make sure everything was healing normally. Dr. Filipowicz wasn’t sure why she hadn’t started walking on her front leg, even though she’ll weight it and use it for stability while standing still. He suggested taking follow-up x-rays earlier than usual (at 6 weeks post-op, instead of waiting until 10-12 weeks), just to make sure there wasn’t something serious going on with the implant. Also, we wanted to make sure that the added activity wasn’t causing problems for the hind leg plate. The vet reviewed both sets of x-rays with me, comparing the recent scans with the ones taken of each site immediately after surgery, 6 weeks prior.

Most importantly, both front and hind implants and their respective hardware have held up as we’d hoped (hooray!), and there’s even been some bone regeneration for both. However, the bone density in her front leg has lessened a bit, and we need to start encouraging her to use her front leg more. So, the plan is to do very short, slow walks on an incline, which will make Riley slow down and hopefully use her front leg to ambulate.

As always, I can’t express my gratitude to my friends and family for their unrelenting support and concern for Riley and I. You all are the best!

Here’s Riley, getting a bath this afternoon. 🙂



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