Riley, 12+ weeks

Happy to report it’s been a pretty quiet 4 weeks since I last posted. After we took Riley walking on the hill at the ranch and she remembered that she indeed has a right front leg, she’s been using it most of the time, instead of hobbling on three legs–hooray!! She’s been back at the ranch a few times, and is happy to stroll around. (Ok, it’s more that she’s happy to see all of her adoring fans, but I think the walking is ok too.)  


The happiest pup

We had Riley’s 10-week X-rays taken two weeks ago, which didn’t show anything out of the ordinary. She’s still staying with her “grandma” (my mom) and “auntie” (my sister), because they live in a one-story home. Clearly, she doesn’t mind it.  

We have brought Riley home for a couple of sleepovers. (Corey carries her up and down the stairs–he’s a champ!)   

So…so far, so good. Hopefully Riley will continue to make progress and can eventually do the two flights of stairs to our apartment. But I have a feeling she doesn’t mind whether she stays with us or with my mom. This dog has a lot of people who care about her. 



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