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That Awkward Moment When You Realize that Your Boss Really Doesn’t Care. At all.

I had been working at a home care agency for around a month and a half when I came to a sad realization: senior management did not care, AT ALL, about the safety of their employees, and cared only minimally about the safety of their clients, for liability’s sake. A call came in around lunch […]

Best Companies to Work for (and why they made it)

A few months ago, I was asked by my supervisor to please add “nominate the company for the Bay Area News Groups Best Places to Work in the Bay Area¬†for the year of 2011″ to my to-do list. I tried to keep a straight face while muttering something like, “mmm-hmmm” and trying to look impossibly […]

My boring life

I saw my shrink today, as I have every month for…a long time. Now that I’m nearing the age of 28, not 18, and knock-on-wood, life is going along remarkably smoothly, we haven’t had much to talk about. Our last several monthly conversations have followed this progression, approximately: So, how is work? It’s…fine. You know, […]