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24+ weeks

No news is good news! I’m happy to report that Riley’s most recent x-rays looked “awesome” (as the surgeon put it). We’re still limiting her activity a little, trying to keep her from jumping too much, etc., but overall, she seems great. We’re working on getting Riley to lose a few pounds, since she was […]

Riley, 12+ weeks

Happy to report it’s been a pretty quiet 4 weeks since I last posted. After we took Riley walking on the hill at the ranch and she remembered that she indeed has a right front leg, she’s been using it most of the time, instead of hobbling on three legs–hooray!! She’s been back at the […]

Riley, 6 weeks after surgery

It was 6 weeks since Riley’s fall/attempt to fly, yesterday. She and I are still staying at my mom’s one-story home until the vet is confident that Riley can handle the trek to the 3rd floor of the apartment that Corey and I live in. She’s still on antibiotics, just to be safe, and an […]

Dog Rehab 101

I’d like to preface this post by saying, I don’t have any official veterinary job experience. I am not veterinary professional, especially not with dogs. Luckily, horse ownership and general equine care require a plethora of DIY-type skills: I can bandage a horse’s leg with my eyes closed, I can detect subtle lameness, and I […]