So…my already-amazing-and-fantastic dog is now even more special. Saturday, July 11th, 2015 5:30pm I thought it was like any other hot Saturday afternoon. I had just finished a lovely ride on one of my favorite horses, was planning to unsaddle her and start wrapping thingsĀ upĀ for the day. Upon returning to the horse’s stall, I looked […]

Reflecting on this past year… -started with a bang when I took on a total of 70 horses to blanket/unblanket every day when a friend broke her leg. -co-organized a fundraiser for this friend, to help cover lost wages and medical care, which raised close to $10,000. -Competed an Intro combined test at Twin Rivers […]

I had been working at a home care agency for around a month and a half when I came to a sad realization: senior management did not care, AT ALL, about the safety of their employees, and cared only minimally about the safety of their clients, for liability’s sake. A call came in around lunch […]

I got laid off from my job on Friday. Those who know me know that this is definitely a positive thing, considering that my job made me miserable, and I’m not fun to be around when I’m miserable. So, while I apply for new jobs, I’m looking forward to being happier, riding my horse, making […]

July 3rd – Windy Hill Hike So…on Tuesday, 7/3, I decided that my boyfriend should go on a hike with me. He has, unfortunately, been scheduled to work during most of my recent exercise craze, but Tuesday evening, we were both free. I decided we should do a 5.5-6m hike at Windy Hill in Portola […]

July 1 – 15 min. on elliptical, 30 min. treadmill interval training. July 2 – 4.7 mile hike/run at Wunderlich Park in Woodside The route I did at Wunderlich is on this site, Favorite Run #1, only I did the loop backwards (started with the Alambique trail and came back on the Bear Gulch Trail).

I went to the Monte Bello Open Space Preserve in the Palo Alto hills yesterday for a 4.9 mile hike/run after work. It was the first time I had been there, and it was ok. Nice views, well-kept trails, but not really worth the drive. I encountered several mountain bikers on the trail, all of […]