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If I ever have time for DIY again…

I wish I had more time, space, and money for projects. I enjoy my clean, mostly-organized apartment, with its clean carpets, I do miss my old garage and being able to play with paint, gesso, handsaws, a Dremel tool, heat gun, 2-part resin mixtures, mini blowtorch, glass cutter and soldering iron. I actually have a […]

You know that feeling?

Ever since I moved into the new apartment three weeks ago, I’ve had this eerie sense of impending doom. Not about the actual building or space, or even necessarily the “home” piece of my life, but I swear, the feeling started as soon as we moved in. There’s nothing wrong with the place – the […]

Crappy Parents

So my boyfriend gets court papers served to him today at school. Any time uniformed officials with badges show up and ask for someone by name is scary enough. When it’s your kid’s mom trying to have the court take away the ONE NIGHT you get with your 5 year old son each week, it […]