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Run/Hike at Monte Bello Open Space Preserve

I went to the Monte Bello Open Space Preserve in the Palo Alto hills yesterday for a 4.9 mile hike/run after work. It was the first time I had been there, and it was ok. Nice views, well-kept trails, but not really worth the drive. I encountered several mountain bikers on the trail, all of […]

Logging ~ getting healthy

I was just reading 101 Running TipsĀ (found on Pinterest) and saw that one of the tips they mention is to keep a log of workouts. I think this will be a good motivator for a day when I don’t feel like working out, if I can see how much I’ve done. June 5th – Stanford […]

Positivity: who’d have thought?

Somehow, I have managed to create a routine for myself that reaffirms itself and the positive impact it has on my life without even really meaning to. I’m tired of hating my body because I’ve gained weight, and I’m tired of thinking about how much better my life was 5 years ago. I realized that […]